Can I File a Bankruptcy and also Save My Home From Foreclosure?

Yes, you can file a bankruptcy and then afterwards try to mediate your mortgage note.

When you file a Bankruptcy,  all of your creditors must stop all collection activities, including the bank. This means that if there is a foreclosure against you that must stop, and your lawyer should tell the court about it. The bank will need permission from the bankruptcy court to foreclose on your home.

After the bank receives that permission and files a complaint, you can then request mediation from the court. However,  getting the Court to approve your request to mediate is only the first step; after that you must now get the bank to agree to modify your mortgage note.


The bank must ask the Bankruptcy Court for permission to file a foreclosure complaint against you. After you have been served with a complaint, you can then request the court to mediate.

Attorney Eli Tamkin is a Cleveland bankruptcy lawyer.  He has been practicing law since 1989 and in Cleveland Ohio since 1994. Since then, he has dealt with a variety of legal issues, including bankruptcy, real estate, divorce, personal injury, and probate. Many times, answering questions on bankruptcy draws on knowledge of other legal areas as well. His experience in these other areas, as well as in bankruptcy enables him to address your particular needs and to offer you advice that is applicable to your situation.

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