Can I Rehabilitate My Credit Report after Bankruptcy, and How?

Yes, you can rehabilitate your credit report after bankruptcy. Even though the bankruptcy details remain on your credit report for as much as ten years, you can immediately begin to improve your score after filing for bankruptcy. This is quite important considering the fact that credit companies, including car finances and mortgagors, will examine your credit report. Credit reporting companies generally look at your outstanding debt, your payment history, your length of credit history, and also how much new credit you are seeking; all of these are put together to determine your credit score.

The American economy in a sense is paradoxical: While one goes into bankruptcy because he or she has defaulted in paying off debts, one of the fastest means of rehabilitating your credit report is to spend even more and establish a better credit history. It is believed that your power to spend more after bankruptcy translates into increase earning power to show you are more credit worthy and responsible.

But before applying for new credit cards, try to purchase within your means, paying off your bills in full at the end of every month; the essential thing is to improve your repayment habit. Paying off debts in full when they are due, and making sure your debt is as low as possible when compared to your available credit, will enhance your ability to earn more, and that will put you in a better light when it’s time to borrow money. In other words, always try to spend within your means before you borrow more money. Adopting this approach when you assume more debt will help to rehabilitate credit report as you will make your payments in full and on time; and eventually, if this process is continued and improved upon, your credit report will become much better.

Talk to a professional bankruptcy attorney or credit counsel to properly guide you in your quest to rehabilitate and improve on your credit rating. Going into bankruptcy is not an end in itself, but an opportunity to make a fresh start, and will need to make wise financial short and long term decisions.

The blog explains that it is possible to rehabilitate and improve on the credit report. It also highlights the steps necessary to be taken to achieve this over time.


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