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  • Chapter 13 bankruptcies
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcies
  • Use of the most recent technology to speed up your filing.
  • We provide assistance in helping to find your creditors


  • Foreclosure defense lawyer.
  • We negotiate with the bank for a loan mod or help you to give back your home.
  • Experienced in court mediation, deeds in lieu and other foreclosure remedies.


Eli Tamkin, Esq., a bankruptcy attorney serving Parma OH, has offered bankruptcy and foreclosure services for over 15 years. We provide one-on-one representation by an Parma OH bankruptcy lawyer. We carefully help you to understand the bankruptcy or foreclosure process. The next time you need a Parma OH bankruptcy lawyer, please call us.


Eli Tamkin, a foreclosure defense lawyer, will negotiate on your behalf with the bank. He will assist you with an in-court mediation. Mediation is very useful because it will stop the foreclosure process to give us time to negotiate with the bank.  He has experience in the foreclosure mediation department in Cuyahoga and the surrounding counties, and has prevailed in many cases.

If you would like the bank to take back you home, Eli Tamkin will help to negotiate a deed in lieu of foreclosure or other foreclosure remedies in mediation. He will negotiate to minimize or eliminate your mortgage obligation. It is generally easier and more effective to negotiate with the bank in court rather than directly, outside of court. Hire a Parma OH foreclosure defense lawyer who has experience in foreclosure mediation.

With your home at stake, you should retain a Parma OH bankruptcy lawyer or Parma OH foreclosure defense attorney with experience with negotiating with banks

History of Parma OH From Wikipedia

Parma is a city southwest of Cleveland. It is surrounded by  Cleveland and Brooklyn on the north, Brooklyn Heights, and Seven Hills on the east, North Royalton and Broadview Heights on the south, and Brook Park, Middleburg Heights, and Parma Heights on the west. Parma, created on March 7, 1826, was originally part of Parma Township, . The Benaiah Fay family from New York State, were the first who settled in Parma, along the Cleveland-Columbus Road in 1816. The name was taken from Parma, New York, and was probably derived from the early-19th century fascination with classical Italy. Parma was primarily agricultural in the nineteen century. In 1912, a portion of the township seceded to form the village of Parma Heights and in the fall of 1924, Parma was incorporated as a village.  On January 1, 1931, a proposition to annex it to the city of Cleveland was defeated, and Parma then became a city. Parma’s tremendous growth came following World War II when young families began moving from Cleveland into the Suburbs. During the Cold War, Parma’s James Day Park, housed Nike missiles located in underground silos.[3][4] Between 1950 and 1960 Parma’s population soared from 28,897 to 82,845.

During the 1960’s it was the fastest growing city in the U.S.  Its population peaked in 1970 at 100,216 and then fell to the currently estimated population of 81,000.[5] A section of Parma is named “Ukrainian Village”. The Serbian community is growing in population.

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